About singing mantras


My English teacher invited me to tell my fellow-students something about singing mantras.
This is what I've told them.

Singing is something I have loved  since I was little. Even in my bed before falling asleep  I kept singing. And because I love doing things together with other people, I was very happy to get the opportunity to join a group, Local Heroes, back in 1999. We sung popular songs like “Lay down” by Melanie, “Mr. Blue Sky” by Electric Light Orchestra and  “Bohemian Rapsody” by Queen and we gave performances at the 3 theaters of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen (all sold-out!).
A few years later we did "Local Heroes 2" and after that two members of the group started up "Vocal Band Flash Back!".

I really like singing in a group and I’ve learned a lot, but I didn’t like the competition. So I quit Flash Back and after a while I started Mantranita. That sounds easier than it was. It took 3 years before I got the nerve to do so. As a try-out I first sang mantras at the camping and that worked out fine. After that I found the courage to organise a mantra-group at Terneuzen: Mantranita. I also created a website.

What are mantras?
Mantras are songs, mostly in the Sanskrit language, you sing to obtain a calm state of mind. It’s difficult to stop thinking of all the things you’ve done or  want to do in a near or far future.
Singing mantras is an easy way to meditate, because repeating the same sentences over and over again, helps you to free your mind from all the things that make your head turn. It can give you positive energy and inner peace.
And with the intention of the mantra, for example peace and happiness for all beings, you can send out a positive energy to the world. Think about how nice it is when someone says to you “I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you” or “I’ll think of you”. By singing a mantra especially for someone you care about, you do the same.

To create an atmosphere that fits the occasion, I burn some essence. I’ve chosen Lotus, because the smell of Lotus is relaxing for our nerves, it’s an inspiring smell that takes away negative energies. I also burn some candles. This summer my husband gave me a beautiful rainbow-candle. I put a cloth on the ground, in the middle of a circle of chairs, and on that cloth I put some candles. I invite people to lay something on the cloth that’s special to them, such as a photo or a stone.
When I’m preparing the room, I put on some music I sing along with , so my voice gets warmed up. I start with an uplifting song and slowly change to something more easy by the time people are getting in. 

Before we begin, I invite people  to become aware of the moment we’re in. I try to help them  to let go of  the burden of  thoughts they have in their heads from a full working day or worries they have. Letting go of the tension in their bodies, gives them  room to sing mantras together. I do that by inviting them to stand up and to feel the earth under their feet. To feel the tension in their body and to let it go. To give it to Mother Earth, so she can transform it into  positive energy and return it. You can feel it flowing through your legs, your body and through your head. And then we sing three times the mantra “Ohm”, feeling  the vibration in our body. 

I always hand out the texts of the mantras we are going to sing that evening. I tell something about the mantras and read it out loud before I start the cd. I tell everybody that singing mantras has nothing to do with singing as good as you can. It’s all about the intention, the meditation. If you don’t feel like singing, because it’s too difficult, it’s too high to sing, or for whatever reason you have, it’s okay just to sit and listen to it. Feel free to do whatever feels good for you. 

A very beautiful mantra is “Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu”.
It’s the one that’s written  on my ring my husband gave me for my birthday. 





"May all beings be happy.
May all my thoughts, words and actions
contribute in some way to the happiness of all beings."

You can sing this mantra as a daily prayer for peace.
May we unite in this pure intention for peace and happiness for all beings.

You can find a beautiful live version sung by Deva Premal on my website: Lokah Samastah

I make a selection of mantra’s for about one hour. After singing the last one, I invite everybody to stand up and hold each other’s hands and then I thank everybody for singing with me and sharing the energy it produces.

Then I make us a cup of herbal tea, so we can come back to earth again before we all go home.









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