19 oktober 2018 in Stadsschouwburg, Antwerpen

De kaartverkoop is begonnen - Het is inmiddels uitverkocht!

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En 16 en 17 oktober komen ze naar Almere.

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Deva & Miten talk about their 2018 Soul of Mantra Live! Tour

and share a new version of the Gayatri mantra from the new album due out in October.

The concerts feature Nepali maestro Manose on bansuri

along with Canadian Joby Baker (bass/vocals/keys) and Rishi (drums) from Denmark.


Miten and the Temple at Midnight Band

share his beautiful tribute to his grandsons, and to children everywhere: Just a Breath Away.

Pagina leuk gevonden · 29 maart
Namaste beloveds - I'm amazed to tell you that my dear beloved Miten is now in full recovery mode after his open heart surgery. A miracle! Healing sessions will continue throughout our Soul of Mantra Tour, so please come ready to chant ("...bring your laughter, bring your tears...") - not only for Miten but for Mother Earth and our global family.

We are not coming to 'perform' for you! Remember, we come on the wings of Mantra. To share Satsang (Meetings in Truth) - is to bathe in the deep and soulful celebration of our communal Awakening!

Miten will join us on stage at some point, but along with Manose and myself, our great band (Joby Baker, Danish Rishi and Spencer Cozens) is ready, willing and able to step up and elevate our voices and our sacred mantras into the stratosphere! I can't wait!

The tour launches May 2 in Boulder, followed by visits to Sedona, Scottsdale, Los Angeles, Escondido, Sacramento, San Rafael, Santa Cruz, Portland, Seattle, Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, and Santiago. Find all tour details (including fall tours in USA, Canada and Europe) here: http://bit.ly/1wolzXO.

So don't even think about not attending!! It's not an option! We need each other more than ever right now.

With Love,

ps - I have composed a new version of the Gayatri mantra in its long form - and I am so looking forward to sharing its magic with you.

Deva, Miten en Manose nodigen jullie uit voor de Soul of Mantra tour


Happy to see Miten on stage too